Idea descriptionEdit

It is a web-tool originally suggested at, supposed to be a helpful TOOL for authors of social ideas to gather people interested in contributing them.

0. The process involves idea author and the general public (the readers).
1. The idea author describes his or her idea in either a text or video or other form of media in the common HTML format.
2. The idea author then logs into the tool's website, registers a label for the idea by entering it's name or alias.
3. The idea author then sees a HTML code to be embedded into the original article nearby a paragraph or a sentence of concern.
4. The code embedded into the original HTML text then appears as a click-able object within the text. Some of the possible designs of the object are easily recognizable simple closed geometric shapes (△◇〇) with a question mark inscribed inside them, and a number showing the number of people that have already showed their interest to take part in realizing the idea if this were to start happening. For example, if one chose a circle, the mark "〇123" would signify that there are 123 people already joining the idea.
5. The reader who wants to participate clicks the circle. In case the reader is already logged-in, the number turns to 124, otherwise the reader is asked to register.
6. The reader who is registering can optionally fill-in some information about his skills and areas of competences available.
7. The idea author then is able to view all the participants in the list, as well as every other participant can view it by logging into the tool's website with their account and opening the label, under which the idea is registered.

8. Visitors of the idea namespace also would see the n-th step necessary to accomplish to realize the idea. Below it, there would be a list of potential steps. Every user, regardless of weather participating in the idea or not, is able to vote for one step that he or she deems appropriate to be the n-th step to accomplish the idea. After voting one sees the step that he or she voted for below the step that most people voted for. One can review already accomplished steps by viewing their list accessible from the same idea page.

Realization Method 1Edit

  1. Create a basic page with user registration. [ COMPLETED (version 1) ]
  2. To enable registration of that label described in step 2 above. [ IN PROGRESS (version 1) ]

---Ceased, rethought:

Realization Method 2 Edit

  1. Take a CMF (Content Management Framework) such as Drupal.

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