Humans were able to create cars, planes, computers, rockets, sattelites etc. By doing so they proved that all these things and more CAN be made only using human power, without any special instruments at the beginning. This suggests an idea that with sufficient amount of time, it would be possible to create all these things using "bare hands" of a human beings. However many of the beings nowadays wouldn't have an idea how to engineer, for example, a computer if they were asked to do so in the natural environment.

The idea is to create a website, perhaps somewhat similar to, which provided such information in a form of exact and defined steps (where to go, what to do, what to search for, where you may find it, etc.).

Step 1 Edit

The first step is to invent a site, where ideas are discussed further, down to their implementation. In other words, a site like an extension of, where people would further discuss the good ideas, their realization process.

I think so because only through the process of realization one can economically properly document the know-how, without the necessity to repeat parts of the accomplished only to document it.

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